Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry

Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry (MPI-BGC), founded in 1997, is dedicated to the study of long-term interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere and the oceans. The biogeochemical systems department focuses on atmospheric observations of greenhouse gases and their application with numerical models to quantify sources and sinks.

MPI-BGC is also partner in the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), a new research infrastructure to decipher the greenhouse gas balance of Europe and adjacent regions. As ICOS also has a strong German component, an important aspect is the relationship between IAGOS and ICOS at the national level.

MPI-BGC coordinated the EU FP7 project IGAS (IAGOS for the GMES Atmospheric Service) which prepared the connection between the data collected on board civil aircraft through IAGOS and the pre-operational Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service CAMS.

  • Implementation of high precision instrumentation to measure the greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4 into IAGOS-CORE aircraft
  • Operation of instruments for CO2 and CH4 operated on IAGOS-CORE aircraft and in the IAGOS-CARIBIC container

Max Planck Institut für Biogeochemie
Contact: Dr. Christoph Gerbig