Package2c (Aerosol)

Instrument PI: Ulrich Bundke, Forschungszentrum Jülich, (

The IAGOS Aerosol Package P2c measures the aerosol particle size distribution by means of an optical particle counter (OPC) and the integral number concentrations of aerosol particles and of non-volatile particle cores by means of two condensation particle counters (CPC). The aerosol size information for the so-called accumulation mode (particle diameter 0.1-1 µm) covers the range of particles available for the formation of liquid water and ice clouds. The total number concentration provides information on gas-to-particle conversion and particle nucleation at flight altitude level. The difference between the total and the non-volatile particle cores number concentration covers complementary information on the anthropogenic contribution to the atmospheric aerosol burden.

P2c provides time series of the following parameters

Number concentration for Dp >13 nmN13 in cm-3
Number concentration of aerosol coresN13 non-vol in cm-3
Number concentration of accumulation mode particles (Dp > 250 nm)N250 in cm-3
Particle size distribution for accumulation mode aerosoldN/d log Dp in cm-3
IAGOS Package 2c schematic set-up (adapted from Bundke et al., 2015)

The Package 2c instrument consists of the instrument unit and two double walled containments for Butanol storage. One containment provides Butanol, the other one stores the waste Butanol after use in the instrument. For air probing the instrument is connected to an inlet especially designed for aerosol probing which is mounted to the fuselage.  Ventilation of the instrument is provided by the Package1 pump box. Package 2c is connected to Package1 via Ethernet for data transmission.

Instrument Performance

Instrument typeModelIDSize rangeTime res.Precision
Condensation Particle Counter + Thermodenuder (T = 250°C)Grimm 5.411 Sky CPCCPC#10.013 – 3 µm1 s±10 cm-3
Condensation Particle CounterGrimm 5.411 Sky CPCCPC#20.013 – 3 µm1 s±10 cm-3
Optical Particle CounterGrimm 1.129 Sky OPCOPC0.25 – 2.5 µm1 s±5 cm-3


The instrument is designed for autonomous deployment over periods of 2 months. The actual deployment is limited by the availability of the CPC working fluid Butanol. The instrument operates fully automatically. It utilises the Weight on Wheels (WoW) signal of the aircraft to switch between standby (on ground) and normal operation (in air). Before and after each deployment, the instrument is shipped to the laboratory for detailed quality assurance. Details of operating procedures, data analysis and quality assurance are described in the SOP.


The Package2c instrumentation (P2c) is designed for the autonomous measurement of aerosol particles in the atmosphere. EASA certification (STC) is in progress.


P2c was developed by Forschungszentrum Jülich in cooperation with GRIMM Aerosol Technik GmbH & Co. KG and enviscope GmbH, and is manufactured by enviscope GmbH.

More Information

Bundke, U., Berg, M., Ibrahim, A., Tettich, F., Klaus, C., Franke, H., Fiebig, M., and Petzold, A.: The IAGOS-CORE aerosol package: Instrument design, operation and performance for continuous measurement aboard in-service aircraft, Tellus B, 67, 28339, doi: 10.3402/tellusb.v67.28339, 2015