IAGOS-CORE cooperates with several airlines for quasi-continuous measurements of trace gases, aerosol and cloud particles from a fleet of long-haul passenger aircraft. Each aircraft is equipped with the IAGOS-CORE rack which contains all necessary provisions for installing fully automated instruments (Package 1) for the measurement of ozone, carbon monoxide, humidity (ICH) and cloud particles (BCP). For the second instrument (Package 2) several options have been developed: Package2a for measurements of total odd nitrogen (NOy), Package2b for nitrogen oxides (NOx), Package2c for aerosol, and Package2d for greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) and package 2e (air quality) for aerosols and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Only one option can be installed at a time in a given aircraft. For details of the different instruments click on the unit names in the Table below.

A special plate with dedicated inlet probes for the different instruments is mounted on the fuselage in the vicinity of the rack. The plate also carries the optical detector (BCP) for cloud particle measurements.

For safe operation on commercial aircraft, IAGOS-CORE instruments are fully compliant with design standards, safety regulations, and quality management of civil aviation. The aircraft modification has been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in 2011 for AIRBUS A340 and in 2013 for AIRBUS A330 aircraft. By July 2017, eight aircraft are flying with the IAGOS-CORE installation. The long-term plan is to increase the number of aircraft to 20 in order to enhance the geographical coverage and to develop new instruments in response to future scientific and societal challenges.

The IAGOS-CORE measurement units are:

Unit Measured VariablesResponsible Member
Package1ozone, carbon monoxideCNRS
ICHwater vapourFZJ
BCPnumber density of cloud particlesUMAN
Package2aTotal odd nitrogen (NOy)FZJ
Package2bnitrogen oxides (NOx)FZJ
Package2caerosol number density and size distributionFZJ
Package2dcarbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, water vapourMPI-BGC
Package 2eAerosols and nitrogen dioxideFZJ