IAGOS Maintenance Centre

The IAGOS Maintenance Centre provides the logistics for all IAGOS instruments. It is the focal point of contact for participating airlines and research institutes. Main Task of the Maintenance Centre is to provide serviceable instruments to the airlines with airworthiness certificate (EASA Form 1) to allow replacement after scheduled or unscheduled events. The replaced instruments are sent to research institutes that maintain and recalibrate them. This maintenance is supervised by EASA approved maintenance organizations (Part 145).

The Maintenance Centre hosts a website (http://www.iagos.info) to support logistics and to show the current status of all IAGOS instruments. This website is available only for participating IAGOS partners (login required) and provides the following information:

  • News: Current and planned events like instrument replacements or new installations.
  • Operation Status: Overview of the current status of instruments installed at IAGOS aircraft.
  • Maintenance Status: Overview of the current status of instruments during maintenance.
  • Stock: Overview of current number and status of instruments and spare parts at the maintenance centre.
  • Contact: Email form to ease information exchange using a dedicated IAGOS email system.
  • Logistics: Tables showing information important for planning of logistics like current stock on hand or forthcoming mandatory maintenance actions.
  • Addresses: Contacts of all IAGOS participants involved in the maintenance system.

The IAGOS Maintenance Centre is hosted by enviscope GmbH. For more information concerning the organization of maintenance within IAGOS see http://www.enviscope.de.