Data Privacy

This data privacy statement shall inform the user of this website about type, extend, and purpose of collection and of use of personal data by the operator of this website, CNRS – Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France, according to  French Law.

The operator takes data privacy serious and keeps personal data confidential and according to legal rules.

Please keep in mind that data transmission in the internet in general may have security leaks. A total protection against unauthorized access is not feasible.

Access Data

The operator collects data about website requests and saves them in a “server-logfile”. The following data are logged:

  • site visited
  • time of request
  • amount of data sent in byte
  • link to the website from where they have been sent
  • browser used
  • operating software used
  • IP used

The data collected are only used for statistical analyses and to improve the website. The operator reserves the right to investigate the server-logfile in case of evidence of illegal use of the website.


This website uses Cookies. These are small text files that are stored to your device. Your browser uses these files in order to ease the use and to improve the security of this website. Most common browsers provide options to avoid storage of cookies.

Personal data

The operator collects, uses and circulates personal data only, if this is permitted by law or if you agree to the data acquisition. Personal data are all information that can be used to identify or trace back a person like name, e-mail address, or phone number.

Contact data

If you contact the operator using the options provided on this website your data will be stored in order to answer your request. These data will not be circulated to other parties without your permission.

Matomo Piwik Analytics

This website uses the service “Matomo Piwik Analytics” to analyse the use of this website. This service uses “Cookies” –  text files, that are stored to your device.

On this website the IP is anonymised. The IP of the user inside the European Union will be truncated. This way no reference to your personal IP is possible. In accordance with the agreement between the operator and Matamo Piwik they analyse the usage of the website and provide usage statistics.

You can avoid the storage of Cookies in the options of your browser. It is guaranteed that you can use all functions of this website without restrictions if you prohibit Cookies.

User Rights

On request you can obtain information free of charge which personal data are stored about you on this website. In case your request is in conflict with the legal laws for the collection of data you have the right of correction of wrong data and of the blockage or deletion of your personal data.