Association (IAGOS-AISBL)

The IAGOS Research Infrastructure was established in January 2014 as an International not for profit Association (IAGOS-AISBL) with its seat in Brussels.

Organisation Chart

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision making body. It is composed of one representative of each Member and is chaired by the President. The GA has full oversight over Strategy, Activities and Budget of the Association, elects the Members of the Executive Board (EB), including the Chief Executive, and approves the General Secretary upon proposition by the EB. Roles for meetings and decisions are regulated in the Statutes.

The Executive Board (EB) legally represents the Association in the day to day business. Members of the EB are:
Valerie Thouret (Chair); Andreas Zahn (Vice-Chair); Andreas Petzold (Treasurer); Martin Gallagher.

The Executive Secretary (ES) is Hannah Clark.

The following committees have been established for giving advice to the bodies of IAGOS for long-term strategy and technical planning:

The Advisory Board (AB) :
James H. Butler, NOAA-ESRL, USA (Chair); David Crisp, NASA-JPL, USA; Jim Haywood, UKMO, UK; Gelsomina Pappalardo, CNR, Italy; Vincent-Henri Peuch, ECMWF, UK; Rainer von Wrede, Airbus, Toulouse, France

The Technical Planning Group (TPG):
Philippe Nédélec, CNRS (chair); Andreas Petzold, FZ-Jülich; Harald Franke, enviscope GmbH; Harald Boenisch, KIT

The Technical Operations Group (TOG):
Uli Bundke, FZ-Jülich (Chair); Andreas Petzold, FZ-Jülich; Harald Franke, enviscope GmbH; Christoph Gerbig, MPI-BGC; Andreas Zahn, KIT; Romain Blot, CNRS; Gary Lloyd, University of Manchester; Philippe Dandin, MétéoFrance; Ralf Stosius, enviscope GmbH, Susanne Rohs; FZ-Jülich