Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (DLH) is a major international airline with more than 100.000 employees serving 274 destinations in 104 countries world-wide. DLH is the most important supporting airline in the climate research projects MOZAIC and now IAGOS-CORE by operating 2 (and in between 3) aircraft (out of initially 5 aircraft). The company is also strongly involved in the climate research project IAGOS-CARIBIC where a long haul aircraft has been modified to carry a fully automated laboratory on regular long haul flights. All together DLH supports climate research since more than 2 decades by carrying scientific instrumentation on civil aircraft during regular passenger flights.

  • DLH contributes as an informal partner to IAGOS-D
  • Operation of two IAGOS-CORE and one IAGOS-CARIBIC aircraft
  • Support of instrument development and certification

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Contact: Dr. Gerd Saueressig