Presentations of the joint IAGOS and IGAS Annual Meeting, Toulouse, November 2015

All presentations are in PDF-Format

IAGOS Status & Overview
(Valerie Thouret)

Progress in Enhancing the IAGOS Data Stream after 3 Years of IGAS
(Christoph Gerbig & Julia Marshall)

Potential and Challenges for Use IAGOS Data for Satellite Validation of Carbon Cycle Gases (CO, CO2, CH4)
(Jos de Laat & Ilse Aben)

ICOS – A European Research Infrastructure to Provide Harmonized High Precision Data on Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gas Budgets
(Michel Ramonet)

IAGOS and ENVRI+(Andreas Petzold)

IAGOS Contributions to WMO/GAW and IGAC/TOAR
(Martin Schultz, Oksana Tarasova, Owen Cooper, Hervé Petetin)

The Role of IAGOS for the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)
(Mark Parrington & Vincent-Henri Peuch)

Informing Science and Policy with IAGOS Observations
(James Butler)

Pumphandle – History of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
(NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory – Global Monitoring Division)

Thunderstorm Nowcast and Forecast for Aviation Safety and Efficiency
(Denis Stich, Caroline Forster, Andreas Ritter, Karl Beswick, Andreas Petzold)

(Andreas Zahn)

Overview of Recent Scientific Results from MOZAIC/IAGOS-CORE Focus on O3 and CO
(Hervé Petetin)

15 Years of Upper Tropospheric Relative Humidity In-situ Measurements by the MOZAIC Programme
(Patrick Neis, Herman G.J. Smit, Susanne Rohs, Andreas Wahner, Peter Spichtinger, Andreas Petzold)