IAGOS-CARIBIC operational again

IAGOS-CARIBIC is operational again! The first interesting flight sequences Munich – Seoul – Munich and Munich – Capetown – Munich took place from 11. to 13. December 2017. It was more than 20 month of real hard work to rebuild the container, implement new and revised instruments and certify this new improved revision of the flying IAGOS-CARIBIC laboratory. We want to thank all involved partners and persons: Lufthansa Environmental Concepts, Lufthansa Technics, enviscope and all our colleagues from other institutes for their support, help and patience.

PhD position on UTLS water vapour measurements

For a research project at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Troposphere, IEK-8, we
are seeking a PhD student (Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology or equivalent degree)
for a 3 year position starting in summer 2018.

“Variability and long term changes of Water Vapour in the Upper Troposphere and Lower
Stratosphere derived from in-situ observations”

The PhD thesis combines for the first time the joint analysis of the two world’s largest data sets
of UTLS in-situ observations of water vapour and chemical tracers (ozone, carbon monoxide) by
passenger aircraft (IAGOS) and research aircraft (JULIA). Linking these observation data sets to
the novel system of geophysical coordinate systems developed in the SPARC initiative OCTAV-
UTLS (Observed Composition Trends And Variability in the Upper Troposphere and Lower
Stratosphere (http://www.sparc-climate.org/activities/emerging-activities/) creates a unique
source of data for the investigation of the distribution of water vapour in the UTLS and
associated trends which will cover two decades of data.

For further details read here.