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NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Annual Conference 2014
May 20-21, 2014,
Boulder, CO, USA
Deadline for abstracts:
April 1, 2014                                                               more ...

MOZAIC-IAGOS Scientific Symposium on Atmospheric Composition Observation by Commercial Aircraft
May 12-15, 2014,
Toulouse, France                                              more ...


IAGOS AISBL received legal personality, January 26, 2014

A new A340 in the IAGOS fleet
June 2013
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IAGOS on the German Roadmap
April 2013

IAGOS success story published
by EC
July 2012

Lufthansa features IAGOS
June 2012
                      Press release

IAGOS Instrument Package successfully installed on board of Lufthansa A340 'Viersen'
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Past Events

Annual IAGOS-ERI Meeting
June 12 - 14, 2013 
Hotel NH Victoria Palace, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain                                      more ...

Annual IAGOS-ERI Meeting
June 18 - 20, 2012 
Hotel Höri, Lake Constance, Germany                                      more ...

Annual IAGOS-ERI Meeting
September 12 - 14, 2011 
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK                                      more ...

WMO/IAGOS Technical Experts Workshop on Requirements of In-Service Aircraft Aerosol Measurement Systems
March 22 - 24, 2011 
WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland                                      more ...

CARIBIC Container chases volcanic ash from Eyjafjalla eruption
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International Conference on Airborne Research for the Environment, ICARE 2010
October 25 - 31, 2010 
Toulouse, France
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Annual IAGOS-ERI Meeting
September 29 - October 1, 2010 
WMO, Geneva, CH
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Annual IAGOS-ERI Meeting
October 7 - 9, 2009 
Airbus, Toulouse, F
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IAGOS-ERI Kickoff Meeting
September 14 - 16, 2008 
Kasteel Vaeshartelt
Maastricht, NL
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Photo Gallery now available
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Welcome to IAGOS

IAGOS-ERI is one of the new European Research Infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap 2006 .
It will establish and operate a distributed infrastructure for longterm observations of atmospheric composition, aerosol and cloud particles on a global scale from a fleet of initially 10-20 longrange in-service aircraft of internationally operating airlines.  

Why? – The science
Global climate change represents arguably the most serious environmental issue facing mankind today, with implications for global political stability and the global economy. Reliable predictions of the future climate using climate models are central and fundamental requirements for determining future mitigation strategies. The use of commercial aircraft allows the collection of highly relevant observations on a scale and in numbers impossible to achieve using research aircraft, and where other measurement methods (e.g., satellites) have technical limitations.

How? – The technical approach
IAGOS-ERI deploys newly developed high-tech instruments for regular in-situ measurements of atmospheric chemical species (O3, CO, CO2, NOy, NOx, H2O), aerosols and cloud particles. The data will be available in near real time to weather services and GMES service centres. 

Who? – The consortium
IAGOS-ERI builds on the scientific and technological experience gained within the research projects MOZAIC (Measurement of Ozone and Water Vapour on Airbus in-service Aircraft), which was funded by the EC between 1993 and 2004 under FP 4 and FP 5, and CARIBIC (Civil Aircraft for the Regular Investigation of the Atmosphere Based on an Instrument Container). IAGOS-ERI was initiated by FZJ, CNRS, Meteo France, and Airbus, together with a growing community of research institutions and airlines.            … more

For whom? – The users
IAGOS-ERI will provide a data base for users in science and policy, including near realtime data provision for weather prediction and air quality forecasting. It will provide data for climate models, including those used in the GMES Atmospheric Service, and the carbon cycle models used for the verification of CO2 emissions and Kyoto monitoring.


IAGOS-ERI receives funding from EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2008-2012) under grant agreement n° RI-212128.                       Last Update: 22.11.2013