Joint IAGOS and IGAS Annual Meeting, November 16-20, 2015,
CIC Météo France, Toulouse, France
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The 6th IAGOS Instrument Package installed on an
A330-300 of Lufthansa
March 2015

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The fifth IAGOS Instrument Package installed on an
A340-300 of Iberia
March 2014

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IAGOS AISBL received legal personality
January 26, 2014


WMO/IAGOS Technical Experts Workshop on Requirements of In-Service Aircraft Aerosol Measurement Systems
WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 22-24 March, 2011


All presentations in PDF-Format
Welcome and purpose of the workshop  (A. Petzold)  (560 kB)
London VAAC: The Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption  (J. P. Taylor)  (4.9 MB)
Rolls-Royce’s Position  (R. Clarkson)  (400 kB)
Perspective on Volcanic Ash  (J. Gould)  (45 kB)
Key statement from OEM Engines  (M. Hugues)  (145 kB)
Airbus Key Statement  (F. Dezitter)  (525 kB)
Key Statement from Boeing  (A. Kraan)  (1.1 MB)
IAGOS: In In‐service Aircraft for a Global Observing System - Introduction,
    Status and Perspectives
 (A. Volz-Thomas)
 (2.3 MB)
Airborne aerosol in-situ observations of volcanic ash layers of the
    Eyjafjallajökull volcano in April & May, 2010, over central Europe

                                                   (A. Minikin et al.)
 (2.7 MB)
Overview over chemical / mineral composition of volcanic and desert mineral
    dust particles with respect to the melting points of compounds

                                                   (K. Kandler, K. Lieke, S. Lederer, B. Šegvić)
 (1.1 MB)
Remote sensing instrumentation for volcanic ash clouds  (A. J. Durant)  (8.3 MB)
Volcanic Plumes  (C. Bonadonna)  (5.1 MB)
Aviation and volcanic plumes: What’s the harm?  (M. Herzog)  (1.7 MB)
Predictions of far field ash concentrations and particle aggregation in
    aged volcanic ash plumes
 (A. Folch)
 (535 kB)
  Workshop Report   (A. Petzold)  (168 kB)


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