Joint IAGOS and IGAS Annual Meeting, November 16-20, 2015,
CIC Météo France, Toulouse, France
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The 6th IAGOS Instrument Package installed on an
A330-300 of Lufthansa
March 2015

                       Press release

The fifth IAGOS Instrument Package installed on an
A340-300 of Iberia
March 2014

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IAGOS AISBL received legal personality
January 26, 2014


ICARE 2010
Toulouse, October 25 - 31, 2010

All presentations in PDF-Format


  In-sevice Aircraft for a Global Observing System  (A. Volz-Thomas)                        (2 MB)


  In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System  (A. Volz-Thomas and the IAGOS Team)

  CO2 and CH4 Measurements by Compact Cavity Ring-Down  (C. Gerbig, A. Höfer, H. Chen)

  Aerosol Measurements on IAGOS Aircraft
                                       (A. Petzold, A. Ibrahim, H. Franke, C. Klaus, M. Hermann, M. Fiebig)

  IAGOS Cloud Detection - the BCP
                                       (K.M. Beswick, M.W. Gallagher, B. Dawson, P. Nédélec, S. Devereau)

  Real-Time Use of IAGOS Observations  (F. Karcher, Y. Lemaitre)

  Maintenance Requirements for a Global Distributed Research Infrastructure
                                       (D. Eberlei, H. Franke)

  The CARIBIC Flying Observatory  (C. Brenninkmeijer and the CARIBIC Team)

  IAGOS -CARIBIC Aerosol Measurements
                                       (M. Hermann, B.G. Martinsson, A. Weigelt, S. Andersson, J. Friberg)

  IAGOS -CARIBIC Trace Gas Measurements at KIT
                                       (A. Zahn, C. Dyroff, L. Kattner, H. Widmann, J. Brito)

  Ultra-Small Aircraft Instrument Package
                                       (M.I. Mead, R.L. Jones, R.A. Freshwater, H. Smit, M. Gallagher, K. Beswick)

  MOZAIC - Monitoring of Ozone, water Vapour, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides aboard
      Airbus In-service Aircraft
 (The MOZAIC Team)

  MOZAIC - Important and Unexpected Findings  (V. Thouret and the MOZAIC Team)

  Use of MOZAIC - IAGOS Data  (V. Thouret and the MOZAIC Team)

  Evaluation of the MOZART-3 Global CTM with MOZAIC Data
                          (K. Thomas, M. Schultz, H.-W. Pätz, A. Volz-Thomas, P. Nédélec, V. Thouret)


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